Wednesday, January 28, 2009



     As I sit here in the office of my home and look out the upstairs window at the falling rain; the questions run through my head: What is blogging and Why is the world so fascinated with it? 
     Why have we resorted to unloading the everyday activities of our lives to a mechanical box? Do we dislike human interaction this much, No I don't believe that is the answer. Is it the peace of mind we get knowing that the computer will not think less of us based on what our day consists of? Maybe for some.
     Nonetheless, blogging to me has a sense of therapy associated with it. Not that I dislike interacting with others; I very much enjoy it. And I know that I am appreciated no matter what occurs in my day to day. But here in the quiet solitude the thoughts that are deep in my mind, the ones that perplex me the most, have a keen ability to make their way out and leave me through my fingers. A feeling of relaxation, if you will, by simply letting my fingers dance across the keyboard as they wish. It's me stepping back and allowing my inner self a chance to come in from the battle field and take its armor off for a while. To let it unload. Unload anything it wishes to. 

Well if I'm going to be blogging to you I think it would only be fitting that you got to know me a little bit. Not too much, only enough to wet your pallet. Well for starters I am married to the Most Amazing Beautiful Girl. 
A little back story on that...It was October of 2005 (I think) ,after being newly singled due to the fact that a previous girl had many oats to sew some months earlier, one could say I was"on the rebound". At first, my thoughts about this new girl were simple and typical at that: she was hot and I was single. Having no pride, I immediately made a fool of myself. Asking her out on a date over the Internet. Really? Yes, in fact, I did. And she actually said yes! But don't think I'm Casanova too soon. She got word from a friend of where I planned to take her and bailed on me because it was "too fancy". Strange, I know. But it would take me seven months of absolute begging and plainly put utter humiliation (the details of which are defiantly for another "Blog") before she would say yes again. Let me tell you, she was worth every second of those seven months.
We've been married since May of 08', quite the first year of me. We have two dogs, Buddy( a special breed he is) and Mindy. I make ends meet by protecting people as a police officer. We live our lives just west of Atlanta. Every Sunday morning you can find us, if ever needed, at the First Baptist Church.
     Now for some reason, I am looking forward to divulging the everyday aspects of my life to complete strangers. Partially in hopes that something about it may inspire you.